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Install Instructions

WARNING: these instructions are by no means complete, feel free to ask in the Discord Server if you encounter any problems. As we are still in early test stages.

Alternative Docker Build Script

Checkout the docker build script provided by @zinosat.


Get AnnePro2 Tools

If you want the executable instead of compiling it yourself, download it here. Windows and Linux versions are available. Otherwise, follow the steps below:

  1. Install the latest stable rust toolchain using rustup
  2. Also install Visual Studio Community edition including the C/C++ module to prevent errors while compiling
  3. Download or Clone the AnnePro2-Tools project.
  4. Compile the tool using
    cargo build --release
  5. The compiled tool should be in ./target/release/annepro2_tools (In later I will refer to this as annepro2_tools)

Get QMK firmware

Hint: If you are on windows, I recommend completing this step using WSL. YMMV

Manually compiling the QMK firmware is emphasized because this is what you modify to customize the keyboard.

  1. Clone our fork of the QMK firmware by using the command below. (Install Git if needed)
    git clone annepro-qmk --recursive --depth 1
  2. Obtain the gcc-arm-none-eabi toolchain so you can build the project.
  3. To compile the firmware type
    # For C15 Revision
    make annepro2/c15
    # For C18 Revision
    make annepro2/c18

    This should complete without any error. And you should be able to see a file named annepro2_c15(18)_default.bin in your directory. This is a compiled keymap profile. This will be flashed on your keyboard later. You can also see additional default and other user-made keymaps in the same directory. You can choose to flash one of these instead. For specific information on their differences, check their keymap.c file in annepro_qmk/keyboards/annepro2/keymaps/*profile*/keymap.c.

annepro2_c15(18)_default.bin has the exact same mapping as the default Obinskit, but with no caps-lock and layer indicators.

annepro2_c15(18)_default-full-caps.bin is the same as previous, but the keyboard changes to red LEDs to indicate caps-lock.

annepro2_c15(18)_default-layer-indicators.bin has the caps-lock indicator and it changes the LEDs to indicate what layer you’re on.

Check the customization page for more information on these keymaps and customizing your own keymap

Flashing the firmware

  1. Put the keyboard into DFU/IAP mode by unplugging the keyboard, then holding ESC while plugging it back in.
  2. Run annepro2_tools with the firmware you just built.

Please substitute with the correct paths and correct bin file if you chose another keymap profile

annepro2_tools annepro2_c15_default.bin

If you have the C18 revision, you must specify the interface number.

annepro2_tools annepro2_c18_default.bin -i=[[interface_number]]

Replace [[interface number]] with the keyboard’s interface number.

If the tool reports can’t find device please double check you have the keyboard in IAP mode.

Interface number can be found by running the tool without the -i flag:

annepro2_tools annepro2_c18_default.bin

The tool lists the usb devices with their information. Search for the device with the 0x04d9:8009 vid pid pair: HID Dev: 04d9:8009 if: [[interface_number]] Some("USB-HID IAP"). This is the keyboard.

If the tool doesn’t list the keyboard please double check you have the keyboard in IAP mode.

Anne Pro 2 Shine

If you want the binary instead of compiling it yourself, download it here. Otherwise, follow the steps below:

Building the shine firmware is very similar to the QMK firmware.

  1. Checkout the repository using
    git clone --recursive
  2. Build using
    # for C15
    make C15
    # for C18
    make C18
    # for both
  3. If built without error you can find the binary in build/ directory. You will flash the .bin file using annepro2 tools.
    # --boot automatically restarts the keyboard into normal mode. Remove it if you are going to flash something else next.
    # for C15
    annepro2_tools --boot -t led build/annepro2-shine-C15.bin
    # for C18
    annepro2_tools --boot -t led build/annepro2-shine-C18.bin

With QMK installed, you can now easily switch to IAP mode by pressing LSHIFT + RSHIFT + B. This will be useful for customizing your keyboard. Remember, you can always use the QMK docs for more info. Enjoy!

Automated Scripts

Having to type the previous commands to flash the firmware can be annoying and you might want a simple script that does it for you. The scripts below assume you have the script and firmware files in the same directory as the annepro2_tools.exe executable. They flash both the main firmware and annepro2-shine and automatically restarts the keyboard. Modify and change the filenames as needed.

Batch script (Windows)

Paste this script into a .bat file.


.\annepro2_tools.exe .\annepro2_c18_default.bin
.\annepro2_tools.exe --boot -t led .\annepro2-shine-C18.bin


Bash script (Linux/MacOS)

Paste this script into a .sh file. If preferred, make it executable by calling chmod +x in the terminal.


./annepro2_tools ./annepro2_c18_default.bin
./annepro2_tools --boot -t led ./annepro2-shine-C18.bin